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Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotel, それは都市のにぎやかな商業センターに住んでいます。馬鞍山の魅力的なランドマーク商業総合体である金鷹天地全生活センターの重要な構成部分です。ホテルは都市生態公園に隣接しています。
  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotelのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:12:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotelにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotel の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit HotelにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotelは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotelはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotel朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY128/人。

  • Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Summit Hotelの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • djdjfie
    Not bad, not bad
  • dylcll
    Good service and environmental sanitation
  • yixian_gan
    The location is very good, the transportation near the hotel is very convenient, not far from the high-speed railway station, the hotel environment is also very good, the front desk check-in is very fast, and the attitude of the service staff is very good.
  • leonardo_pu
    The room was very good, the overall service was very good, and the service attitude of Zhang Ting in the lobby was very good
  • e01092987
    Every aspect is good!
  • ji\ya
    Wang Ming's service was very good
  • amy_m
    Very good, very satisfied
  • fanucjing
    The hotel is very good
  • peng4196404
    Wang Hua's service is very good!!!
  • AAA ice
    Overall I felt it was pretty good, the service staff were friendly
  • jianjian0
    The hardware and service were pretty good ~
  • Daisylee8786
    I love it. I love perfection
  • fyj2680609483
    The Lake View King room is large, clean and tidy. There is a bathtub and an independent shower. The baby is very happy to take a bath. The hotel is behind the Golden Eagle mall. There is a special parking space for the hotel in the underground garage, which is very convenient. The parking is free. After ordering takeout, it is sent to the room by a robot in the lobby. Lovely love. I am very satisfied with this stay
  • daiyangbing
    Very good
  • e00037506
    Very good overall
  • sandyC
    Nice hotel seats
  • alice sun
    The hotel environment is great! Yes, it's also very good.
  • min666
    Very comfortable check-in experience, but attention should be paid to the details. This time, the shower seat in the bathroom is loose, so you can only wash it in your hand. I hope you can be more rigorous in the details.
  • panxiuyan
    The accommodation experience was very good. The room was clean and hygienic. The front desk contacted and gave timely feedback. In particular, I thank Fu Xiaoyu for her enthusiastic service. I was very happy to stay.
  • jsclw
    Rich breakfast! Can add bed, suitable for children, location in the city center, convenient transportation! There's a parking lot!
  • jccg75848
    The hotel is very comfortable, the key is to eat, drink and play, everything is convenient,.
  • malisa
    Very satisfied with a stay. The hotel is located next to Yushan Lake Park in the center of Ma'anshan. In particular, it highly affirmed and praised the attentiveness of customer service Liu Yang??
  • albetlove
    Very satisfied with the check-in. Staff Fu Xiaoyu's service attitude was very good??
  • Annable
    A great experience
  • numismatic
    Breakfast is very rich, all kinds of Chinese and Western food. The location of the hotel is also very good. The parking is also convenient. The gym and swimming pool are very good. I went to experience it. The guest service staff coco Miss Chen Xuejiao's service attitude is very good??
  • mm7890
    Ma'anshan is the first choice for business. Downstairs is the park. You can take a walk in the morning and evening. The room is large and the facilities and equipment are relatively new. The service was friendly, the formalities were handled quickly, the cost performance was high, and it was worth recommending.
  • fanyalong
    At the front desk, Yang Jing inquired about the check-in requirements carefully, and arranged a non-smoking floor to see the lake view, which was very good!
  • jadyxi
    The hotel is nice, but there's nothing to play around
  • jeff leung
    The best hotel in Ma'anshan
  • xwang77
    The environment in Ma'anshan is the best, with robot service
  • perryweibin
    The environment and location are very good
  • Ange_ltang
    Air conditioning is the best!
  • fancy08
    Good service, good environment.
  • coolca
    Sanitation and environment are good, shopping and transportation are very convenient
  • terry7439
    Good hotel, good landscape, convenient for eating and shopping
  • bj_tracy
    Breakfast is very rich. Tina is very friendly and the room is very spacious. The pool is beautiful!
  • jin8cn
    Hotel environment is very good, front desk Fu Xiaoyu service is warm, due to the wrong time to give me effective help, and give me free upgrade! Thank you for your service
  • juventusluc
    The surrounding environment is good. There are many kinds of buildings to choose from
  • ygys789
    It's not bad, but there is still room for improvement in breakfast and parking needs to be improved.
  • yelody
    Close to Jinying shopping mall, it is very convenient to take children to play. The waiter at the buffet was very friendly. It would be nice if there were more snacks for breakfast. In addition, the water temperature of the swimming pool is only 28 degrees. It's best to be two degrees higher.
  • betty10000
    Niu Jingwen at the front desk was very serious and responsible, and was very satisfied with the check-in
  • a396931510
    I like it very much. I'm very satisfied. In particular, manager Wang at the front desk has a warm and considerate service??????
  • swallow0106
    The ice Dew Mineral water is not very good
  • cwb7601826
    Due to the need to leave the hotel at 7 a.m., we contacted the room service at about 6:20. Although it was explained, the restaurant still insisted on taking 40 minutes to deliver the meal, so we had to give up. This experience is a bit bad!
  • luyu710510
    With my family, the whole process is very comfortable, there are everything nearby, food, drink, housing and transportation, customer service sister is great, basically can meet the requirements. Very good, Wang Hua
  • e03578415
    Position error
  • e02315269
    There are many wool balls on the carpet in this room, and there are many residual flocs on the tea table and sofa. The ceramic tile under the bathtub faucet is easy to relax, and children will encounter it if they are a little careless. I hope the staff will check carefully. After all, it's almost the new year, and I don't want to bump!
  • e01412458
    The hotel environment is wonderful. It's in the center of the city. It's very convenient to travel. What's rare is that there is a huge park on the side. You can have a panoramic view at breakfast, and you will be in a good mood. Breakfast is also very rich, food taste good. The room facilities are a little simple, but it's OK. The front desk service staff have a business-oriented attitude. They can be mild and warm. Generally speaking, it's good. It's worth recommending in this city.
  • jamsonsun
    Not bad, very convenient
  • fypm08
    Hotel location is good, smile service, full-time housekeeper service, worth your stay, thank you housekeeper Service Manager Wang Hua, thank you.
  • penguinsadie
    The location and parking are quite convenient. Next to Jinying, shopping and eating are very convenient. The room area is very large, the facilities are OK, the ventilation is slightly poor, and the breakfast is relatively average
  • allenliuliu
    The hotel is good, the price is not expensive, very good
    It's nice and clean. I've lived here for five days
  • jennywang07
    Really super nice
  • dengyny
    Lu Bangda
  • joycebabe
    The appointed lake view room can have a bird's-eye view of Yushan lake. The hotel facilities are very new, the front desk service is also very good, the breakfast is relatively rich, there are not many people in the swimming pool and gym, and there is an intelligent robot. Children feel very fun and follow it all the time.
  • wxrcw
    Very, very good experience
  • diablog
    It should be the best hotel in Ma'anshan
  • e04614726
    The location is excellent, next to the lake view, you can take a leisure walk.
  • beijing
    The service of the hotel is humanized, with birthday gifts and reserved landscape space for breakfast. The breakfast is rich in variety, good in taste, and the service staff are considerate and meticulous. Yuxin Lake in front of the hotel is very beautiful.
  • linglongg
    The service was very good. I kept all the facial cleansers I lost. Thank you, beauty Zhang Ting
  • luxy1013
    The environment is great, no one can say
  • DD0218
    Breakfast is OK! But the category is not particularly many, the restaurant is very big, the dishes are relatively few! Hotel is located in the city center, downstairs is the Golden Eagle Shopping Mall, shopping convenient!
  • bestamoy
    The hotel is very new and located in the center of the city. Free upgrade of parent-child suite. The room is clean and warm. The bath water is very hot, very comfortable. However, the sound insulation effect of this hotel is not in line with the standard of its five-star hotel. I heard people in the two rooms next to me very clearly. The woman in the left room talked with a man for nearly two hours. My family and I heard the man on the other end of the phone very clearly. The woman didn't stop calling until 12 o'clock in the night. Hotel is used for rest, sound insulation is very important! The lady next door would be very embarrassed if she knew that someone had heard her conversation. So in any case, the basic configuration of the hotel should be quiet. In addition, the hair dryer is the worst I've ever used. It can't push the button smoothly.
  • e00389854
    The location is very good, especially the lake view
  • d01337870
    Ma'anshan Golden Eagle Shangmei hotel is located in an excellent location. Facing Yushan lake, Ma'anshan has the best scenery at a glance. Breakfast in five-star hotels is very regular. The disadvantage is that the details can be improved. For example, the air conditioning is too cold to adjust, and the main heater can not be turned on in the season of large temperature difference. I hope it can be improved.
  • gaoyao91
    The service attitude was excellent
  • btuanan
    Very good, economical
  • amane
    The location is very good hotel, next to the park, parking, shopping, food great place, the hotel room is clean and tidy, the hotel guest room Wang Hua is warm reception, very good, will come again next time.
  • potatotry
    Very good, very good
  • asia ruan
    The front desk manager is very good
  • wei3876938
    The central air conditioner doesn't heat
  • e03502932
    It is located in the city center and has a wide view
  • yulinpei
    The room is very nice
  • cowboyoutlaw
    Breakfast is good, both Chinese and Western food.
  • gaojingjinger
    The front desk staff are elegant, the service is very good, professional and enthusiastic. I am very satisfied. I hope your company can cultivate more such excellent employees. Next time, I will go to Jinying Shangmei MAANSHAN store,